all-grid : a Theme for Textpattern


A Textpattern Theme for image-rich websites

all-grid requires Textpattern v4.80 and above.


  • uses the proportion of images to better fit into a grid layout
  • treats mobiles as first class citizens (the layout is consistent across screen sizes)
  • can be used without imagery
  • sticky articles are given prominence on any list page


Specify a --grid-base in the theme stylesheet, and all-grid will adjust your layout accordingly. If you use the css unit vw eg. --grid-base: 15vw;, the grid will maintain consistent proportions across all screen sizes. Use px eg. --grid-base: 160px; and the grid will change as the viewport changes.

By default, front page articles are listed randomly (try reloading the page to see how all-grid copes with various image proportions). Other sections are listed using default sorting.

image handling

all-grid includes SLIR, a PHP script to automatically crop and resize images that you have uploaded into the Content:Images tab. Specify images by entering their ids in an Article image field.


Font sizes adjust automatically depending on the width of the viewport, and can be changed using the set up variables in the theme stylesheets.