all-grid : a Theme for Textpattern


Style, Switched

all-grid includes a primary stylesheet, and 4 styling presets, found in Textpattern’s Presentation: Styles tab:

  • all-grid (primary stylesheet)
    • all-grid—a
    • all-grid—b
    • all-grid—c
    • all-grid—d

Assign a preset style to your section(s) in the Presentation: Section tab1.

1 The primary stylesheet is hard-coded into the template, and should not be assigned to any section (else it would be included twice). Instead, assign one of the presets.

all-grid example style configuration: all-grid—a

A switching widget is available to quickly compare styling presets prior to the site going live. The switch widget can be enabled by visiting forms/misc/head_globals.txp in TXP admin and change <txp:variable name="style-switcher" /> to <txp:variable name="style-switcher" value="1" />. The switcher is enabled on this demo site, see top left of any page…