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USS Reliant NCC-1864

Communication is not possible.

Deflector power at maximum. Energy discharge in six seconds. Warp reactor core primary coolant failure. Fluctuate phaser resonance frequencies. Resistance is futile. Recommend we adjust shield harmonics to the upper EM band when proceeding. These appear to be some kind of power-wave-guide conduits which allow them to work collectively as they perform ship functions. Increase deflector modulation to upper frequency band.

Sensors indicate human life forms 30 meters below the planet’s surface. Stellar flares are increasing in magnitude and frequency. Set course for Rhomboid Dronegar 006, warp seven. There’s no evidence of an advanced communication network. Total guidance system failure, with less than 24 hours’ reserve power. Shield effectiveness has been reduced 12 percent. We have covered the area in a spherical pattern which a ship without warp drive could cross in the given time.

Unidentified vessel travelling at sub warp speed, bearing 235.7.

Would these scans detect artificial transmissions as well as natural signals?

Look at records of the Drema quadrant.

Assemble a team.

Probes have recorded unusual levels of geological activity in all five planetary systems.

We are going to Starbase Montgomery for Engineering consultations prompted by minor read-out anomalies.

Using the gravitational pull of a star to slingshot back in time?

The shuttle has no power.